Advansta WesternBright ChemiPen

Advansta WesternBright ChemiPen
Pens Lab Markers
  • Improve accuracy
  • Transform your visible protein ladder standard into a chemiluminescent standard on your Western blot
  • AnnotatePermanently mark your blots with the date or blot ID
  • Confirm HRP substrate stabilityThe ChemiPen reagent glows when incubated with an HRP substrate, so it can be used to test substrate stability
  • Compatible with both x-ray film and CCD imagers

Transform your protein standard into a chemiluminescent marker. Write or draw on your transfer membranes with the WesternBright ChemiPen. With the proprietary "ink" you can make pre-stained protein standards chemiluminescent, annotate your blot with a date or blot number, or check the quality of your HRP substrates. The reagent in the ChemiPen adsorbs to nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes, and reacts with HRP substrates to produce chemiluminescence that can be detected with X-ray.