GeneMate Blue Autoradiography Film

FRBN-14X17 MSF 1081728 RX-B DCB-14X17 FRB-14X17 DCM-14X17 DCB-5X7
490001-946 490001-950 490001-926 490001-952 490001-928 490014-238 490001-934 490001-930
GeneMate Blue Autoradiography Film
Autoradiography Films Films
This is outstanding film for the laboratory that covers diverse applications including chemiluminescence and autoradiography of 32P and 125I

Exceptional sharpness and resolution and extremely low backgrounds lead to publishing-grade results. Manual or automatic development consistently superior results for exposure of blotting experiments. Sharp and clear results, box after box.

Three double emulsion blue autorad films available including Blue Basic for ideal for autoradiography and chemiluminescence, Blue Ultra for the highest level of sensitivity for all application and Blue Lite, which features the lowest background and low graininess, ideal for chemiluminescence. The shelf life lasts 2 years from the manufacturing date.

Use with calcium tungstate or blue-emitting rare earth screens.