Labnet Slide Spinner

Labnet Slide Spinner
Centrifuges Microcentrifuges
This unique mini centrifuge has a special rotor designed to hold 2 microarray slides in removable cassettes.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Quickly dries 2 slides
  • Ideal for removing wash buffer from microarrays prior to scanning
  • Removeable cassettes conveniently catch all liquid

During a 10-second spin, liquid on microarray slides is pulled off of the slide surface and is captured at the bottom of the cassette for easy discarding. Ideal for use after microarray hybridization or washing, the dry slide is then ready for scanning.

The Slide Spinner mini centrifuge is offered complete with the slide rotor and two cassettes. The drive system is designed to accelerate the rotor to 4800 rpm, the optimal speed for quick drying without any splashing. Open the lid and the rotor comes to a stop and the dry slides can be removed. (Note: the Slide Spinner rotor is not available as a separate accessory for use on other units due to performance compatibility.)