Labnet PCR Plate Spinner Centrifuge

Labnet PCR Plate Spinner Centrifuge
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The PCR Mini Plate Spinner is designed specifically for quick and easy contrifugation of samples in PCR plates or microplates. Two standard microplates are loaded through a slot in the top of the unit. Sealed plates are loaded verticallysurface tension keeps samples in place so there is no danger of spilling samples.

  • Use before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield
  • Ideal for Real-Time PCR protocols
  • Capacity for two standard plates
  • Top loading design
  • Fixed vertical rotor
  • 1/4 the size of common plate centrifuges
  • Spin down PCR plates in under 30 seconds
  • Small footprint (WxDxH): 7.5" x 8.2" x 7.2"
  • 2-year warranty
  • Quickly spins droplets and condensation to the well bottoms of PCR plates.
  • Insert the plate
  • Press and hold the start key for 10-20 seconds
  • Then remove the plate It's that easy

Inconsistent sample preparation and liquid handling can cause poor PCR results. Spinning down PCR plates prior to thermal cycling ensures proper mixing of reagents and samples and positions the mixture at the bottom of the plate wells. Following thermal cycling, spin down plates for easy retrieval of the sample mixture, as evaporation and condensation during the cycling can lead to sample dispersal.

Accommodates skirted, non-skirted and semi-skirted PCR plates, 96-well and 384-well plates, as well as other microplates with a height under 2 cm. Also accommodates plates sealed with sealing mats, films, caps or lids.