Labnet Hermle Z36 HK Refrigerated High Speed Table Top Centrifuge

Labnet Hermle Z36 HK Refrigerated High Speed Table Top Centrifuge
The Z36 HK is the culmination of many years of experience in centrifuge design, combined with today's latest technology, featuring speeds up to 30,000 rpm (65,390 x g).

  • Maintenance-free induction drive
  • Microprocessor with large LCD display
  • Motor driven lid lock
  • Automatic rotor identification system with over-speed protection
  • Active imbalance-identification and auto-cut off
  • A large variety of rotors and accessories
  • CFC-free refrigeration system
  • Standstill cooling
  • Manufactured according to international safety regulations (e.g., IEC 1010)
  • Audible signal at the end of each run with several melody options
  • Distinct Control Panel
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Easy to program
  • Splash-proof digital display
  • Permanent indication of preset and actual values
  • Selection of speed in bot RPM and g-force, each with increments of 10
  • 10 acceleration and deceleration rates with storage of up to ninety-nine runs
  • Direct access to parameters; no click through the program
  • Temperature selection available in both °C or °F
  • Pre-selection of the running time from 30 sec. to 99 hours 59 min. or continuous
  • Pre-cooling program option
  • Quick-key for short runs

The new rotor recognition system recognizes the rotor as soon as the centrifuge lid is closed. The rotor number is displayed and all setings are limited to the max specifications of that rotor.

Ordering information: 2-year warranty