Labnet ENDURO™ Mini Power Supply

E0304-BUN E0304-R E0304
490008-954 490015-600 490008-952
Labnet ENDURO™ Mini Power Supply
Power Supplies
  • Ideal for horizontal DNA gels and mini-vertical protein gels
  • End of run alarm
  • Minimal buffer volume
  • Automatic cross-over and no-load detection
  • Hold up to three units and use only one outlet with PowerStack

This power supply can handle up to two gel boxes at a time. The ergonomic design of the Enduro Mini allows them to be stacked, however to minimize cabling up to three power supplies can be placed within the PowerStack allowing optimal air circulation while only utilizing one power outlet at the bench. They can run at either constant voltage or constant current and have automatic cross over as well as no-load detection.