Labnet Mini Incubator/LabRoller™ Combo

Labnet Mini Incubator/LabRoller™ Combo
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  • Mini Incubator:
  • Ideal for microbiology or hematology applications
  • Corrosion-resistant chamber
  • Three shelf levels
  • Door with large viewing area
  • Pilot light to indicate heating
  • Wrap-around heating elements
  • Excellent uniformity and temperature stability
  • Temperature range from ambient 5° up to 60°C
  • Mini LabRoller Rotator:
  • Wide selection of motions
  • Cold room & incubator compatible (4° to 65°C)
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Will easily fit into most incubators
  • Rocking action using supplied pegs at 20, 45, or 60
  • Rotisseries can be used as rocking platforms

Wrap-around heating elements ensure even heating and uniformity within the Mini Incubator. A hydraulic thermostat controls heating and temperature stability. A thermometer port in the top of the unit allows users to monitor temperature. The large window in the door gives a clear view of the contents which can include up to 48 petri dishes or 28 standard microplates. Shelves can be placed at two points within the corrosion resistant chamber. A cord port allows small mixers to be placed in the incubator.