Labnet High Performance Incubators, Models 311D and 611D

I-5311-D I-5611-D
490012-298 490012-296
Labnet High Performance Incubators, Models 311D and 611D
Shakers and Mixers Shaking Incubators
  • True digital/digital temperature control
  • Switchable turbo fan
  • Fail-safe over-temperature protection
  • Interior electrical outlet and illumination
  • Heated outer door
  • Adjustable shelves and leveling feet

Our incubators are designed for high performance over a wide temperature range (ambient +5°C to 95°C), allowing for general purpose incubation (<65°C) and experiments requiring higher temperatures. The temperature is selected and displayed digitally. Just enter the desired temperature by pressing the up or down arrow, and walk away.

All models feature a high performance fan to assist the radiant heat distribution system. Simply press the fan switch to activate the turbo fan option for uniformity that is superior to standard radiant heat distribution. An independent hydraulic safety thermostat protects samples and equipment from excessive heat in the event of a primary control failure. All electronics are located away from the heated chamber, protected from heat-related stresses by a cooling fan (within the electronics module), which continuously bathes all components in ambient air.

Inside the stainless steel chamber, you will find a recessed light source, allowing visual examination of samples through the gasketed inner glass door. The light is on only when the outer door is opened. An electrical outlet is provided for operation of optional equipment inside the heated chamber.

The outer door is heated, enclosing the entire chamber in a warm air jacket, eliminating localized hotspots and preventing condensation. The outer doors magnetic gasket automatically forms an airtight seal.

Ordering information: All models are supplied with 2 adjustable stainless steel shelves and leveling feet to compensate for uneven bench surfaces. 1 year warranty included.