Labnet 211DS Personal Shaking Incubators

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Labnet 211DS Personal Shaking Incubators
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Our 211DS Personal Shaking Incubators are high quality units designed for general use as well as specialized cellular and molecular biology applications. An orbital shaking incubator, the 211DS features a stainless steel interior. The DS incorporates a heavy duty orbital shaking mechanism powered by a maintenance-free brushless motor.

At the touch of a button, any temperature between 5°C above ambient and 80°C can be set and displayed digitally. Mechanical convection provides an extremely uniform and stable temperature environment as well as quick recovery after opening the door. The insulated door prevents heat loss and features a large double glass observation panel for viewing the chamber contents without disrupting the interior environment.

Our exclusive SmartChek digital control system is your guarantee of precise temperature control and safety. SmartChek continually monitors the interior environment and heater operation. A flashing green light assures the user of proper temperature control. In the event of a primary controller failure, the independent safety thermostat takes control of the system.

A full range of accessories is available to complement the 211DS. The 211DS includes three shelves (one is a half-size shelf, allowing tall vessels to be accommodated). Two shaking platforms (sold separately) are available for the 211DS; the flask platform is predrilled to accept a variety of different sized clamps while the flat platform has a nonslip rubber mat for holding dishes and plates in place.