Boekel Multipurpose Analog Incubator

Boekel Multipurpose Analog Incubator
Incubators Standard Incubators
  • Supplied with:
  • Integral bottom shelf and adjustable shelf
  • Spirit filled thermometer
  • Additional shelves are also available (max. 4 shelves/unit)

The Boekel Multipurpose Analog Incubator features an crylic plastic door, magnetic door latch, pilot light, and on/off switch. With adjustable non-tip shelves of rugged steel construction. Has a large capacity for busy labs; is inexpensive and roomy.

Can be used for incubating culture kits, microplates, petri dishes, and test tubes. Also can be used as an egg incubator for high school science and as a back-up incubator for large industrial clinical and hospital labs.