Labnet 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator

Labnet 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator
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  • Large selection of accessories including 3 plate microplate hotel sized to accept 24-well plates
  • Sticky mats
  • 15/50 mL combo tube holder capable of holding any combination of up to six 15 mL and five 50 mL centrifuge tubes
  • Plastic clamps in 125, 250, 500 and 1 L sizes
  • Petri dish shelf capable of holding 60 mm dishes
  • Flexible Universal 30 x 30 cm platform
  • Includes USB cable and Windows compatible SmartChek™ Software
  • SmartChek Software allows monitoring of RPM and temperature both realtime and for archiving
  • Flexibility to allow control from instrument keypad or from PC
  • USB temp. monitor: Yes w/included SmartChek™ software. Windows PC not included.
  • Open door lid cutoff switch
  • Warranty: 2-years

The 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator from Labnet International provides small footprint with large performance. The lid has a low pivot point which provides a compact lab friendly shaking incubator sure to fit on the lab bench and under your shelves. The large assortment of accessories allows users the flexibility to use for many molecular biology applications. The included software, not required for use, allows monitoring of RPM and temperature throughout runs and saving data to a PC.

The Incubated Shaker 10 L is a heavy-duty performer, designed for heavy workloads and continuous use. Its outstanding temperature accuracy and uniformity are supported by proprietary heat distribution technology that ensures that temperatures are precisely maintained throughout the chamber. Inconsistencies due to stratification are reduced to negligible levels and the selected temperature is precisely maintained within 0.25%, even in the corners. The powerful brushless induction drive is designed for years of trouble-free service, even under continuous use conditions with heavy loads. Noise and vibration are minimized by an advanced, computer designed motor isolation system. Like other shakers, the 10 L is built to last.