Labnet ProBlot™ 6 Hybridization Oven

Labnet ProBlot™ 6 Hybridization Oven
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The ProBlot 6 meets the needs of medium to high throughput laboratories with its 6 and 12 bottle capacity.

The rotisserie and incubation system in the ProBlot oven provides the perfect conditions for consistent results with low background. Mechanical convection creates an extremely uniform environment by circulating air through the chamber while heat input is controlled by a microprocessor. An integral viewing area in the door allows for sample visualization without disrupting the interior temperature. The desired agitation level is obtained with the variable speed and adjustable axis rotisserie.

Oven chambers are corrosion resistant stainless. ProBlot 6 has a grounded interior electrical outlet for powering small equipment. The ovens are provided with a rotisserie for 35 mm diameter bottles and 50 mL disposable tubes, a drip tray, two large bottles and a pack of hybridization mesh. A rocking platform and other rotisseries are available.