Boekel InSlide Out™

Boekel InSlide Out™
  • Stainless steel slide rack for up to 20 - 1 x 3” slides, can also accommodate various other sizes
  • Additional plastic slide holder for up to 18 (1 x 3” slides only) also available

The Boekel InSlide Out™ features a sealed chamber with gasket that allows hybridization without sealed cover slips. It also features a PID temperature controller for rapid heat up and temperature stability. Humidity is maintained by adding a small amount of hybridization solution to the tray. The polycarbonate slide holder allows up to 18 slides to be loaded at once before slide holder is placed in the chamber.

It is used for microarray and in situ hybridization. It can also be applied to single temperature microscope slide incubation procedures and immunohistochemistry procedures. Slide warming reduces hybridization time with no need to wait for messy plastic containers and paper towels to come up to temperature.

Ordering information: Comes with two year warranty.