GeneMate Inverted Compound Microscope

5A-3M 5A-C15 BC-008 5A-5M VO-010 VO-040 CP-BPL
490007-762 490007-766 490007-772 490007-764 490007-858 490007-860 490001-892
GeneMate Inverted Compound Microscope
Inverted microscope with three planachromat objectives- 4X bright field, 10X phase contrast, & 25X phase contrast (for excellent contrast and image quality).

  • Quadruple (4 hole) turret angled for easier access
  • Durable- All metal frame with an all metal focusing mechanism
  • Camera port makes photo documentation easy
  • Fixed stage
  • Long working distance condenser (55 mm) with swing-out design for use with large vessels, like stacking chambers or roller bottles
  • Outstanding optics for brilliant images- 10X wide field eyepieces and FN20 mm

Two-year warranty