Inverted Epi-fluorescence Microscopes

BC-364 BC-2A1
490007-776 490007-774
Inverted Epi-fluorescence Microscopes
Fluorescent Blue light:

  • Six Infinity Planachromat objectives on a 6 hold turret
  • New 10X eyepieces, FN22
  • Brighter fluorescence: New filters and mercury bulbs
  • Manage bulb life easily with mercury burner power supply timer
  • Easy picture taking side camera port and illumination controls up front
  • Fluorescence illumination for live cells
  • Custom filter sets available
  • 5-year optical/mechanical warranty
  • 2-year electrical warranty

The inverted Epi-fluorescence microscope uses a single band filter cube and six objectives to deliver a brightly resolved image for identifying proteins and other specimens within a cell. Deliver sharp images through the bottom of a culture vessel because of the superior long working distance phase contrast objectives. Examine large roller bottles or standing flasks with a swing out feature of the long working distance (55 mm) condenser. Newly designed light housing and turret style condenser provide simple operation. This blue/green filter slider is standard and ships with the microscope. Option custom filter. Available to match specifications of specific fluorophores.

Fluorescent Green light:
Filter Slider Excitation Wavelength, 535-550nm
Emission Wavelength Optional, 590nm
Excitation Wavelength, 395-415nm
Emission Wavelength, 455nm