Upright Compound Microscopes

OP-020 JC-3EF
490015-648 490007-840
Upright Compound Microscopes
Jenco listened to the needs of experienced researchers and designed this series of Upright Compound Microscopes to perform in your demanding environment. This series incorporates advanced technology into a durable, cost effective solution for your microscope needs.

  • Optical body: Siedentopf design inclined 30; 55 to 75 mm interpupillary adjustment, 360 rotation
  • Nosepiece: Quadruple ball bearing, reversed, with positive click stops and smooth operation
  • Eye pieces: 10X wide field; Focal length 25 mm, Field Number 20 mm
  • Mechanical stage: 209 x 140 mm (8.25 x 5.5") with vernier scale; range of motion 75 x 52 mm; low-positioned right hand coaxial control knobs for one-hand focusing; removable spring clip slide holder
  • Focus mechanism: adjustable tension control to prohibit drift and adjustable up-stop to protect slides, specimen, and objective lenses; markings at 0.002 mm increments
  • Condenser: 1.25 N.A. 2 element Abbe with iris diaphragm and rack and pinion focusing
  • Kohler illumination, field diaphragm, 20-watt, 6-volt halogen bulb with electronic dimmer

Modern frame with enhanced stability for image documentation. Ergonomic single-hand focus control to increase workflow and minimize fatigue. Robust stainless steel/brass gear train focus mechanism endures high throughput. Brilliant images resolved with superb optics and a choice of Infinity or 160 mm DIN objectives. Versatile performance multiple microscopic methods available.

Ordering information: Comes with 5-year optical/mechanical warranty and 2-year electrical warranty.

Delivery information: Brightfield microscope includes: dust cover, immersion oil, two color filters, spare halogen lamp, and fuse
Phase microscope includes: all the above plus a green filter and phase centering telescope