TriContinent MultiWash III Units

820-04 820-01
490010-984 490010-982
TriContinent MultiWash III Units
Max. dispense volume (per well):
50 µl to 1990 µl (8 port)
50 µl to 1650 µl (12 port)
50 µl to 1250 µl (2-8 port)

Processing time (full plate):
180 seconds (8 port)
120 seconds (12 port)
90 seconds (2-8 port)

Processing time (full plate):

All MultiWash III units include: Reservoir kit F, spare fuses, rinse strip, Quick Start guide, Operations and Maintenance manual, dust cover and power cords.

The unique design features including, color-coded quick-connect fittings, programming of routines and a single-button rinse, allow for simplified lab operations.