So-Low Ultra Low Freezers (-40° C to -85° C)

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So-Low Ultra Low Freezers (-40° C to -85° C)
So-Low® Premier series freezers include as standard what other freezers usually offer as options

  • Alarm system
  • Lockable latch with keyed lock
  • Easy access to condensing area
  • Slanted control panel
  • Large digital display
  • 1-year parts & labor warranty

Freezer has an automatic time system that will restart the unit in case of power failure. A rechargeable lifetime battery-powered alarm system has a digital display. An audio and visual alarm will come on when there is a rise in the temperature set point. The system has an audio silence button and alarm test switch. A telephone alarm system is an option.

The inner chamber construction is 14-gauge galvanized steel, zinc-coated to prevent rust. Cabinets are 16-gauge steel with special treatment to retard rust. Both chest and upright cabinets have five to seven inches of high density foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation. Doors have a double seal gasket and heavy-duty cam latches for a secure seal and quick opening. Upright vertical freezers have standard inner doors that allow access to individual compartments, minimizing cold air loss in unopened compartments. Chest horizontal freezers have 3/4” removable sublids to reduce cold air loss during lip opening and provide extra insulation. Quick pulldown to operating temperature is ensured with two large hermetic compressors coupled with efficient and reliable cascade refrigeration. Compressor life is extended by an energy-saving low stage that operates only on demand. Heat is efficiently and effectively dissipated by an air-cooled condenser with three heavy-duty fans and a monitoring light to warn if condensers are clogged. Compressors are protected with a constant flow of refrigerant. A special hinged grille for easy opening provides a quick visual check of the air cooled condenser.