Biochrom Colourwave CO7500 Educational Colorimeter

80-3000-43 80-3000-44
490005-902 490005-904
Biochrom Colourwave CO7500 Educational Colorimeter
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Simple, inexpensive colorimetry for the teaching environment
The Colourwave CO7500 is designed with student users in mind. The choice of absorbance or % Transmission readout allows explanation of the fundamentals of colorimetry. The integral kinetics mode permits the study of rates of reaction and results can be output to PC, chart recorder, or printer.

Simple to use
An uncluttered digital display, coupled with simple, push-button controls makes the Colourwave ideal for beginners. Readings can be displayed as Absorbance Units or % Transmission with one-button push.

The Colourwave CO7500 is compact and robust enough to withstand the rigors of the teaching environment. Eight filters covering the range 440-700nm are held in an integral filter wheel preventing any accidental loss or damage. They can be exchanged if required.

When the Colourwave is switched to kinetic mode, readings are taken approximately every second, recording results on the display and also via the analog and digital outputs. The Colourwave is available in corded or rechargeable versions.