Spectronics UV Transillumintors

Spectronics UV Transillumintors
Transilluminators UV Transilluminators
  • Unsurpassed UV intensity produces brilliant fluorescent response and the highest clarity.
  • Special diffusing screen ensures superior light distribution and eliminates confusing light striations.
  • Compatible with photo and electronic video documentation equipment
  • All units include UV blocking cover, which eliminates the need for UV-absorbing clothing or face wear and protects the filter surface from accidental damage
  • 1-year warranty

Superior PerformanceUnsurpassed UV intensity and outstanding irradiance uniformity clearly show what others may miss even trace amounts of DNA!

LONGLIFE Filter GlassInhibits solarization up to 50 times longer than conventional filters, extending filter life and saving you money.

Powerful Cooling FanMaintains low filter glass temperature to eliminate decreased intensity and sample-damaging surface heat buildup.

Special Diffusing ScreenProvides unmatched irradiance uniformity. All of our 312nm and 365nm models are equipped with a removable, polymer-based diffusing screen attached below the filter that ensures superior light distribution and eliminates confusing light striations caused by the contours of the tubes.