GeneMate Flipper® Microtube Racks

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GeneMate Flipper® Microtube Racks
Racks Microtube Racks
The Flipper® Microtube Rack is designed to work with ninety-six 0.5mL or 1.5/2.0mL microtubes

The rack is uniquely designed to be reversible, as one side features holes suitable for larger tubes and the other has holes suitable for smaller-size microtubes. Both sides are labeled in the standard microtiter format (8 x 12), and all four sides have a frosted writing patch for smear-resistant labeling.

Ordering information: GeneMate Flipper® Microtube Racks are available in multiple formats. They may be purchased as racks only, or as racks with lid included. Unattached rack lids are also available separately.