GeneMate IsoFreeze® Flipper® Rack

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GeneMate IsoFreeze® Flipper® Rack
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IsoFreeze Temperature Maintenance Systems are available in two temperatures ranges for keeping PCR reagents, cells, enzymes, or other temperature-sensitive reagents cool and stable when removed from the freezer to the benchtop

They also provide protection in the event of freezer power failures. Model R-2020-1 will maintain a temperature of 0°C on the benchtop for a minimum of 5 hours. Model R-2020-2 will maintain a temperature between -15°C and -20°C on the benchtop up to 3 hours. Both ensure better temperature maintenance. The lid and rack of the IsoFreeze system are manufactured of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate and can accommodate up to 20 1.5/2 mL or 20 0.5 mL tubes on the reverse/flip side.