GeneMate LowMelt Agarose

LM-25G LM-125G
490001-598 490001-596
GeneMate LowMelt Agarose
Electrophoresis Gels Agarose and Acrylamide
  • Electrophoresis of DNA Fragments, 1000 bp
  • Tissue and Cell Culture

Low melting temperature agaroses result from a derivatization process by organic synthesis, which generates methoxylate groups from the basic agarose structure. This results in agaroses with low melting and gelling temperatures when compared to standard agaroses. Why use a low melting point agarose? The low melting temperature allows for the recovery of nucleic acids below their denaturing temperature, thus preventing damage to the nucleic acid. Low gelling temperature ensures the agarose will be in a liquid state at a temperature range where in-gel manipulations can be performed without prior extraction of the DNA from the gel slice. GeneMate LowMelt has the highest melting and gelling temperatures in this class of low melt agaroses, as well as the highest gel strength.