GeneMate Gold Agarose

D5-25G D5-125G
490014-180 490016-270
GeneMate Gold Agarose
  • DNA/RNA Separation > 1Kb
  • Excellent for Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE)
  • Excellent for Blotting
  • Agarose Bead Preparation
  • Gel and Enzyme Immobilization

GeneMate Gold Agarose is a linear polymer with a very high molecular weight, yielding a gel structure unlike that of traditional agaroses. This characteristic, added to the very low sulfate content, produces an intercatenary reaction that is very compact, leading to a gel with very high gel strength and higher exclusion limit.

Features extremely high gel strength allows for lower gel concentration (0.3%). This allows GeneMate Gold to be used with high molecular weigth nucleic acids, including chromosomes, and with large size particles like viruses and ribosomes. High electrophoretic mobility, so you get reduced electrophoresis times, depending on buffer and agarose concentrations used. Easy preparatin of the gel by simple dissolution in aqueous buffers: standard boiling or microwave prep. Exceptionally low absorption of staining agents. Absence of toxicity.

Moisture, ≤7%. Ash, ≤0.25%. EEO, ≤0.12. Sulfate, ≤0.12%. Clarity Np, ≤40. Gel strength 1.0%, ≥1800 g/cm. Gel strength 1.5%, ≥3200 g/cm. Gelling temp 1.5%, ≥36±1.5°C. No DNase/RNase activity deteceted. Finely resolved DNA resolution 1000bp. Very low gel background. Melting temperature (1.5%),88±1.5°C.