Mo Bio Laboratories PowerMicrobial® DNA Isolation

Mo Bio Laboratories PowerMicrobial® DNA Isolation
Uses the most robust phenol/chloroform/bead beating cell lysis system/silica spin filter method, available in Midi and Maxi

Ideal for large scale isolation DNA from 100 mL of microbial culture. Ideal for pathogens; Zero post-extraction cell survival. Isolate up to 100 µg of DNA Midi or 1 mg Maxi. Purify DNA from microbial cultures in under 2 hours. Streamlined protocol utilizes common laboratory equipment. Efficiently isolates DNA from challenging microorganisms: gram positive, gram negative, yeast, and fungi. Vortex adapter recommended, see listing in Equipment section. Vortex and Vortex Adapter equipment needed. Bead beating method.