Mo Bio Laboratories PowerBiofilm™ RNA Isolation Kit

Mo Bio Laboratories PowerBiofilm™ RNA Isolation Kit
The PowerBiofilm™ RNA Isolation Kit from MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., has been specifically designed to overcome inefficient cell lysis

  • Patented IRT Inside Allow Inhibitor-Free Purified RNA for Downstream Applications
  • Consistent High Yields: More Successful Preps for Better Performance in Downstream Applications
  • compatible with Most Biofilms From Dental Plaques to Microbial Mats

Next, we've paired this with our Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) to remove the concentrated inhibitors such as humic acid, metals, salts and pesticides typically present in biofilms.

Silica Spin Filter Tubes format. Bead beating method. 0.05-0.20g sample size. 1-24 Samples. Time, 42 minutes (+15 min DNase step). Vortex and Vortex Adapter required.

The key to the success of these kits is our new bead tube formulation that combines brand-new chemical and mechanical lysis.