Mo Bio Laboratories PowerBiofilm™ DNA Isolation Kit

Mo Bio Laboratories PowerBiofilm™ DNA Isolation Kit
The PowerBiofilm™ DNA Isolation Kit pairs a brand-new bead beating and cell lysis technology with our patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) for increased yields of inhibitor free DNA from all types of biofilms, including microbial mats.

  • Complete Lysis, Pretreatment + Mechanical Lysis (Bead Beater/Vortex) + Chemical Lysis
  • Patented IRT Inside: Increased Sensitivity in qPCR
  • Consistent High Yields More Successful Preps for Better Performance in Downstream Applications
  • Compatible with Most Biofilms from Dental Plaques to Microbial Mats

The PowerBiofilm™ DNA Isolation Kits, have been specifically designed to overcome inefficient cell lysis. The key to the success of these kits is our new bead tube formulation that combines brand-new chemical and mechanical lysis in tough tubes. Additionally, these tubes allow flexibility in the bead beating method (vortex or bead beater). Next, we've paired this with our Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) to remove the concentrated inhibitors such as humic acid, metals, salts and pesticides typically present in biofilms.