Mo Bio Laboratories PowerMag™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit, epMotion®

Mo Bio Laboratories PowerMag™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit, epMotion®
The PowerMag™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit is designed for automated isolation of microbial DNA from all soil types and other environmental samples, as well as stool, compost, sediment and manure

  • Optimized for Tough Samples-Automated Isolation of High Quality DNA from Soil, Stool, and Environmental Samples
  • ClearMag™ Technology- Novel Magnetic Particle Technology Captures DNA Without Binding Organic Inhibitors, Facilitating Isolation of Pure DNA
  • Hands-Free Purification- Optimized for Use with Eppendorf's epMotion® Automated Pipetting System
  • Inhibitor Removal Technology® Removes PCR-Inhibiting Compounds, Including Humic Substances, Phenolics and Polysaccharides

The PowerMag™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit has been optimized for use with the Eppendorf epMotion® automated pipetting system for rapid, high-throughput isolation of inhibitor-free DNA. The high-quality DNA isolated with the PowerMag™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit is ready to use in PCR, qPCR and next generation sequencing.

ClearMag™ Technology format. Bead Beating Method. Starting amount, 0.25g. 96-well plate. Equipment required includes, Plate shaker for homogenization of samples in 96-well blocks, centrifuge capable of handling two 96-well blocks, Eppendorf epMotion® automated pipetting system, and Magnetic Separator such as PowerMag™ Magnetic Separator.

The protocol is designed for isolation of DNA from up to 0.25 g of sample and includes patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® to remove humic substances and other PCR inhibitors. Novel magnetic particle technology enables purification of DNA without the typical surface binding to the beads, eliminating the adsorption of organic inhibitors that is typical of other magnetic bead technologies, and facilitating isolation of pure DNA. In addition, neither chaotropic salts nor ethanol are used in the binding and washing steps, removing a second source of contamination that can inhibit enzymatic reactions.