Biotube™ Microtiter Tube System, Simport Scientific

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Biotube™ Microtiter Tube System, Simport Scientific
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The T101 Biotube System is designed in such a way that the 96-place rack, having a standard on-center spacing of tubes, also has a standard microtiter sized footprint

Tubes are made of autoclavable polypropylene and are available either individually or in strips of 8 or 12 detachable tubes. Tubes have a gross volume of 1.2 mL but with a cap in place, they will hold 1.1 mL.

The T105 Biotube System contains 96 removable polypropylene square tubes in a 8 x 12 configuration, each having a 2.1 mL capacity (2 mL when capped). Although the tubes are square, the bottom is round to facilitate emptying. Compatible with most robotic workstations, this polypropylene storage rack can be used with most cell harvesters and leading 8- and 12-channel pipettors.

The autoclavable rack and tubes (not the cover) are ideal for storage of blood and other biological samples at temperatures, from -170 °C. for freezer storage, up to 121 °C.  A PVC cover is also supplied for full protection of tube contents. Racks are stackable to save on storage space.

This rack is therefore suitable for use with robotics systems and for transferring liquids with multichannel pipettors and auto sampling devices that conform to 96-well microplate systems. The same alphanumeric identification is used on the cover and white base

Ordering information: Available in sterile and non sterile versions. Tubes are available separately.