Autoclavable Single-Channel Pipettors

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Autoclavable Single-Channel Pipettors
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The pipettors have a new and improved design. Features include volume adjustment from dispenser button or thumbwheel, volume adjustment locking mechanism, and large volume display window.

  • Extended finger rest for greater pipetting comfort
  • Continuously adjust volume increments
  • Improved ergonomic design
  • Low dispensing and ejector forces
  • In-Lab calibration tool provided
  • Remodeled handle design for enhanced 'feel'
  • Now with even lower aspiration and dispense forces
  • Fully autoclavable

There are also extra ejection bar spacers provided for wide tip compatibility and chemically resistant nose cones. New tip ejector system on 2 to 1000 ┬Ál. Pipettors has Safe Click-to-Fix system, easy height adjustment, and fits virtually all brands of tips.

Ordering information: Three year warranty against manufacturing defects included. Supplied in four different colors.