MBP BreakThru Pipet Tips

MBP BreakThru Pipet Tips
Pipet Tips
  • Universal to all 8 x 12 pipet tip trays
  • Works with ART self sealing barrier pipet tips
  • No snaps, buttons or machines needed
  • Uses 85% less packaging and 53% less space
  • 96 tips per insert / 10 inserts per pack / 10 racks per case
  • Recyclable Packing
  • BreakThru Packaging

BreakThru Technology. This revolutionary packaging design allows us to bring you an environmentally friendly alternative to the packaging of ART® (Aerosol Resistant Tips) and MBP® brand pipet tips. With BreakThru Technology, MBP continues to deliver peace of mind by providing the highest quality tips with the least amount of environmental impact. This new environmental packaging system uses no insert because of our unique BreakThru transfer plate. This exciting new technology allows you to use any existing 8 x 12 tip trays in your lab, making it not only the first refill system universal to all manufacturers’ pipet tip trays, but the first to work with ART self-sealing barrier tips.

BreakThru packaging means less waste and more room! BreakThru packaging is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of with your standard recyclable waste. It uses 53% less bench space and 85% less packaging material, increasing your workspace and reducing the environmental impact of your research. BreakThru packaging means more efficiency. There are no mechanical moving parts so it works consistently and is very reliable. There are no snaps, buttons, or springs required to load the tips so it loads a full 96 tips into the rack faster and with fewer steps.