Labpette-R™ Repetitive Dispensing Pipettes

Labpette-R™ Repetitive Dispensing Pipettes
Pipets Repetitive Pipettors
The Labpette-R provides precise, accurate, and reliable repetitive pipetting of volumes from 1 L to 5 mL.

  • Looks and feels like a standard pipette
  • Convenient tip selection chart located on body of pipette
  • Maintenance free

Twenty-nine different volumes can be dispensed in as many as 48 steps without refilling the syringe tip. Easy to use, simply select the proper tip and lock in place on the pipette. Choose the desired volume setting with the adjustment wheel, fill the tip to the appropriate volume with the sliding fill lever, and dispense with the plunger at intervals as fast as 1 second. A chart showing the volume dispensed with each of the different wheel positions is located on the front of the pipette. Using a stepping mechanism for accurate dispensing, the Labpette-R works by positive displacement. The liquid to be dispensed does not contact any part of the pipette, eliminating the risk of carry-over contamination. With no internal wear-and-tear parts, the Labpette-R is maintenance-free and carries a full, one-year warranty.

Dial Position 0.05 mL syringe tip: 1 µl, 2 µl, 3 µl, 4 µl, and 5 µl.
Dial Position 0.5 mL syringe tip: 10 µl, 20 µl, 30 µl, 40 µl, and 50 µl.
Dial Position 1.25 mL syringe tip: 25 µl, 50 µl, 75 µl, 100 µl, and 125 µl.
Dial Position 2.5 mL syringe tip: 50 µl, 100 µl, 150 µl, 200 µl, and 250 µl.
Dial Position 5 mL syringe tip: 100 µl, 200 µl, 300 µl, 400 µl, and 500 µl.
Dial Position 12.5 mL syringe tip: 250 µl, 500 µl, 750 µl, 1000 µl, and 1250 µl.
Dial Position 25 mL syringe tip: 500 µl, 1000 µl, 1500 µl, 2000 µl, and 2500 µl.
Dial Position 50 mL syringe tip: 1000 µl, 2000 µl, 3000 µl, 4000 µl, and 5000 µl.