Brinkmann® Bottletop & ChemSaver® Dispensers

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Brinkmann® Bottletop & ChemSaver® Dispensers
Ideal for dispensing aliquots of liquid from large supply bottles, and extracting reproducible dispensing volumes without reagent waste

  • Every dispenser is supplied with three adapters
  • Smaller dispensers (2.5 to 10mL) connect directly to 32mm threaded bottles and are supplied with adapters for 28, 40, and 45mm bottles
  • Larger dispensers (25 to 100mL) connect directly to 45mm bottles and are supplied with adapters to fit 32, 38, and 40mm bottles
  • Unique PTFE wiping piston seal displaces reagent in the cylinder without leaving any residue behind, eliminating freezing due to piston swelling and reagent crystallization
  • Telescopic filling tube adjusts to fit most reagent bottles without cutting
  • Support sleeve surrounds the discharge tubing to restrict movement, for safe and accurate dispensing
  • Dispenser rotates 360° to position the dispenser for easy and safe reagent dispensing
  • Volume adjustment sleeve also rotates 360° to provide visibility to volume settings at any time
  • Fully autoclavable without having to loosen valves or disassemble, engineered for chemical resistance

Dispensers also ensure the best possible protection for users and the laboratory when working with caustic liquids such as solvents.