Non-skirted, Chimney-well PCR Plates

Non-skirted, Chimney-well PCR Plates
  • Alphanumeric-printed PCR plates
  • Thin wall design to ensure uniform, rapid thermal transfer
  • 100% quality control on each well of every plate
  • Certified RNase/DNase-free, non-pyrogenic, and human DNA/PCR inhibitors-free

MegaBACE 1000 certified. The MBplate features a raised rim on each tube for eliminating well-to-well contamination. Molecular Dynamics certifies the MBplate for use on the MegaBACE 1000 DNA Analysis System. Its standard 96-well footprint lends it to complete automated sample handling. A thin-wall design reduces cycle times and a grid reference simplifies sample identifications and plate orientation. MegaBACE is a trademark of Molecular Dynamics, Inc. PCR Process is covered by patents owned by Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc. MULTIMaxLiquid Handling Products.