MBP Locking-Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes, Graduated

L-508-GRDS L-510-GRDS L-502-GRD L-502-GRD-MIXED L-508-GRD-MIXED L-508-GRD L-510-GRD-Y L-510-GRD-R
490016-249 490016-245 490016-241 490016-243 490016-251 490016-247 490014-119 490014-117
MBP Locking-Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes, Graduated
Tubes Microcentrifuge Tubes
A superior lock for safe and convenient centrifuging, boiling, freezing, incubation or storage of samples

Whether the procedure is critical or routine, this will become your tube of choice. Our locking microcentrifuge tubes offer the same sample security as found with screw cap tubes yet maintain the same ease of use as a snap cap. Unique design allows visual confirmation that the tube is locked. The pierceable cap snaps closed and the lock slips easily into place with a simple one hand operation. The larger, rounder cap design proves less stressful to the thumb. Smooth surfaces reduce the possibility of ripped or punctured gloves. Manufactured of ultra clear, autoclavable polypropylene.