Sample Tubes with External Threads, Simport Scientific

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Sample Tubes with External Threads, Simport Scientific
Tubes Test Tubes
Vial has external threads, providing a smooth and uniform inner surface, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

  • Manufactured from non-toxic polypropylene
  • Tubes are autoclavable
  • Height of tube is with cap
  • Caps available with or without silicone washer
  • Caps feature a long skirt and super-fast thread design that allows for single turn seal or removal
  • Tube and cap are made of polypropylene, providing the same coefficient of expansion

Designed for the storage and transportation of biological material. Manufactured from non-toxic polypropylene, the tube provides strength and clarity and exhibits some unique design features. Tubes can be autoclaved (121 °C) in upright position with caps loosened. Round bottom tubes can only be centrifuged up to 17000×g.

Certifications: 95 kPa tested.

Ordering information: Screw caps must be ordered separately.