Labcor Staining Trays, Biotix

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Labcor Staining Trays, Biotix
Labcor Staining Trays are available in either polypropylene or APET material

The lid is designed for stacking trays on rockers or shakers so that several gels can be stained simultaneously. The lid also protects the gel if refrigerated and from evaporation and contamination. Trays and lids may be reused several times if necessary. Polypropylene trays are autoclavable.

Polypropylene trays are microwavable for heat applications. The APET material has an optically clear bottom and is UV transparent. All trays have pour spouts in each corner to facilitate pouring off liquid. A marker or label may be used for identification.

Certifications: CE Certified. Certified free of RNase, DNase and endotoxins (pyrogens). Manufactured under stringent controls in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Every lot is tested for precision assuring maximum quality and compatibility. All raw materials are traceable.