Dynalon Dura-Cross™ Zebra Fish Breeding Tank

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Dynalon Dura-Cross™ Zebra Fish Breeding Tank
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Complete Tank includes a tapered stackable tank body, a slotted insert & lid. Autoclavable Polycarbonate. Fully impact resistant and will not chip or break. Glass-clear for maximum viewing of fish and eggs. Unique slotted insert ensures eggs are separated from adults, maximizing yield; the removable insert allows adult fish to be quickly and safely returned to the main habitat tank. Molded lid keeps the tank and fish environment clean. Two 1/4" holes tubing. Optional diagonal & horizontal divider formats to keep males & females separate as required. Optional carrying tray for safe transport of tanks. Tank has dimensions, 20.3 x 10.2 x 7.6 cm (8 x 4 x 3").