Airclean Systems FumeAway™ Benchtop Fume Adsorber

Airclean Systems FumeAway™ Benchtop Fume Adsorber
AirClean Systems FumeAway enclosure is designed to effectively filter out and protect the technician from solvents, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, and ammonia vapors that are associated with typical medical manipulations like histology and pathology.

The FumeAway enclosure will effectively contain low concentrations of noxious fumes and vapors. The bonded carbon filter is designed to adsorb or neutralize the target chemical while constant negative pressure removes the vapors from the technician's breathing zone.

The FumeAway enclosure fits perfectly on any standard counter top and plugs directly into a 110V outlet. The FumeAway is lightweight and ductless to allow the technician to move the enclosure to a desired location or create a small personal work space on a counter. The clear viewing panel prevents chemical splash and makes viewing of the application easy.

The FumeAway uses bonded carbon filtration and is only intended for chemical use with a time-weighted exposure limit of 100 ppm or greater. The bonded carbon filters are available with four different types of carbon to adsorb organic vapors, formaldehyde, ammonia and amines, or glutaraldehyde. To ensure proper filtration it is recommended that the filter is replaced every two months.