Jenco Stereo Dissecting Zoom Microscopes

Jenco Stereo Dissecting Zoom Microscopes
The GL series saves time with its parfocal and its continuous smooth zoom

The remarkably clear, non-distorted 3D image resolved by the GL series optics is a result of advanced technologies in optical design. The Jenco GL series Greenough design produces lifelike images in a large field of view and presents upright or erect images with astounding depth perception. A long (100 mm) working distance facilitates observation of many sample types, and depending on the model and optional auxiliary lenses, achieves a maximum of 260 mm. With multiple stands and illumination options, the GL series has a model to satisfy your application.

The illuminated stand, also available separately, features individual lighting controls that provide ideal conditions for photographing images in a fully illuminated field. While the reflected or incident light is a 15W halogen with electronic dimmer, the transmitted light can be either a 15W halogen with dimmer or a cool 5W fluorescent bulb for heat-sensitive samples. All models include a pair of 10X eye pieces, black/white reversible stage plate, dust cover, power cord, and instruction manual.

The non-illuminated smooth boom stand, also available separately, features a heavy-duty post and boom stand designed for stability with tilting and swiveling mounts. This allows for freedom of movement in multiple directions, minimizing vibration and tipping, even on a trinocular head with camera attached.

No need to refocus when zooming magnification. The zoom can be adjusted to click on 0.5X increments for precise measurements. Accommodate a wide range of adjustments from 45 to 75 mm. Diopters are built in to the eyepieces, allowing virtually all individuals to work in comfort. Minimize fatigue with side-mounted zoom controls. Low-positioned focus controls with tension adjustment reduce stress and let the user rest in a natural position

Ordering information: GL Series microscopes come with a five year optical and mechanical warranty, as well as a two year electrical warranty.