MBP ART Reload System Barrier Tips

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MBP ART Reload System Barrier Tips
Pipet Tips
Compact Design and Easy Operation Now available in environmentally friendly packaging, the ART Barrier Tips use our patented, self-sealing barrier that traps contaminating aerosols and liquids

Ordinary filters are made from porous materials and rely on pore size to block possible contaminants. This sterile, barrier tip reload system combines individually packaged blister tubs made of recycled plastic and new hinged racks. The push down blister tub easily inserts the ART barrier tips into the hinged racks providing stackable space-saving racks that offer easy, one-handed use. Empty hinged rack part numbers allow for easy conversion to the ART Reload System. Leading scientists choose ART barrier tips as the primary defense against cross-contamination in the laboratory, safeguarding their most sensitive work. The ART self-sealing barrier pipette tip seals when exposed to potential aerosol and liquid contaminants, trapping them inside the barrier, providing the ultimate in contamination protection. Manufactured according to the industry's highest quality standards, ART tips are certified as RNase, DNase, and Pyrogen free, and are ideal for the pipetting of radioactive samples, nucleic amplification procedures, or any applications where critical sample handling is required.