Stir Bar Kit, Octagonal, PTFE, Dynalon

Stir Bar Kit, Octagonal, PTFE, Dynalon
Stirrers Magnetic Stirring Bars
The octagonal stir bar kit contains 2 stir bars each of 8 different sizes

All bars feature powerful permanent Alnico V magnetic cores. PTFE offers excellent chemical resistance. Always store in pairs to maintain magnetic strength.

Ordering information: Stirring Bar Kit contains: (2) each 8x13mm bars, (2) each 9.5x51mm bars, (2) each 8x16mm bars, (2) each 9.5x64mm bars, (2) each 9.5x25mm bars, (2) each 2x7mm Micro Bars, (2) each 9.5x38mm bars, and (2) each 3x10mm Micro Bars.