Frosted Microscope Slides, Globe Scientific

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Frosted Microscope Slides, Globe Scientific
Slides Microscope Slides
Globe Scientific microscope slides are produced from premium glass sheets and offer exceptional quality while providing considerable savings.

  • Dimensions: 25×75×1 mm
  • Thickness: 1.1 mm

These frosted microscope slides are produced using a unique chemical etching process. This results in slides with a smooth frosted finish that won't wear out slide marking pens. Choose from single-sided or double-sided frostings, and ground or beveled edges. Ground-edge slides are also available with 90° corners (straight-edge), or safety corners (slightly clipped for comfort). All slides are pre-cleaned and supplied ready for use.

Packaging: Slides are packaged 72 slides per box, 20 boxes per case (10 gross).