Beveled Orifice Pipet Tips, 1–200 µL

Beveled Orifice Pipet Tips, 1–200 µL
An excellent fitting pipet tip is one that allows the pipettor to reach its peak performance." Our goal is to provide the best fitting tips in the marketplace

Today, there are a myriad of pipettors to consider when designing and manufacturing pipet tips. Because dimensions and applications vary from one pipettor to the next, we offer a variety of pipet tips to select from. With more than fifty pipet tips, covering a volume range of 0.1 to 10,000µL, available with or without filters, in a variety of colors, materials, and packaging configurations, the researcher can select the best-fitting tips for their particular pipettor and application. These pipet tips are made from virgin polypropylene material and are precision molded for an airtight fit using state-of-the-art molds and molding methods to preserve non-wettability in the final product. A mold release agent is NOT used in the manufacturing of these pipet tips. Metal-free Tips: All materials used in the manufacture of these tips are free of trace metals. A trace metal certificate is available upon request. Certified Pipet Tips: Tested by an independent laboratory and certified to be RNAse-, DNAse-, and pyrogen-free (non-sterilized product is not certified as pyrogen-free.) Certificate of analysis is available upon request. Sterile Tips: All sterile tips are sterilized in accordance with AAMI guidelines by gamma irradiation. Certificate of irradiation available upon request.