Tacky Traxx Mats, Tackified Cleanroom Entrance Mats, High-Tech Conversions

TT-3645-64B TT-3636-34W TT-3645-34B TT-2436-34B TT-1836-34W TT-3636-34B TT-3645-34W TT-2545-34G TT-2645-34G TT-2645-34W TT-2645-34B TT-2445-34G TT-2445-34B TT-2445-34W TT-1845-34G TT-1836-34G TT-2436-34W TT-2436-34G TT-3660-34B TT-2645-64G TT-3636-34G TT-3645-34G TT-1836-34B TT-1845-34B TT-3660-34W
76292-876 10127-168 10127-174 10127-162 10127-156 10127-170 10127-172 10863-326 10863-328 10127-164 10127-166 10863-324 76200-340 76292-878 76200-336 75815-618 10127-160 10799-716 10127-178 10863-330 10799-708 10799-710 10127-158 76200-338 10127-176
Tacky Traxx Mats, Tackified Cleanroom Entrance Mats, High-Tech Conversions
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These mats effectively captures dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment before it enters controlled environment.

  • Multi-layered, clean-film, full adhesive layers
  • Each layer peels off easily to reveal a new clean surface
  • Numbered corner tabs make tracking remaining sheets easy
  • Smooth, effective surface is not damaged by shoes, booties or cart wheels
  • Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surface
  • Perfect for cleanrooms, laboratories and any other dust or dirt free environments

Ordering information: Tacky Traxx Mats are available in blue, white, and gray. All mats have 30 sheets each, and are packaged four mats per case, with the exception of item 10863-330 and 76292-876, which includes 60 sheets each.