VWR Life Science Terrific Broth Liquid

VWR Life Science Terrific Broth Liquid
Media for Microbiology Prepared Media for Microbiology
Terrific Broth Medium containing high levels of tryptone and yeast extract necessary for high density of cells to increase plasmid yield.

  • Ready to use media
  • Terrific Broth is ideal for culturing cells for nucleic acid purification and recombinant protein expression.

1L of media contains 12 grams of tryptone, 24 grams of yeast extract, 12.5 grams of potassium phosphate dibasic, 2.31 grams of potassium phosphate monobasic and 4 ml of glycerol.

Brownish red, clear liquid.pH @ 25 °C is 6.95 - 7.45. refractive index value is 1.339 - 1.345. Specific gravity @20°C is 1.0232 - 1.0265.

Terrific Broth Liquid is used for the preparation of E. coli