ThinSpin Magnetic Stirrer, Argos Technologies

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ThinSpin Magnetic Stirrer, Argos Technologies
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The ThinSpin Magnetic Stirrer is an ultra-thin, lightweight piece of equipment that can be programmed to mix and stir between 15 and 1500rpm

The low-profile, sleek design of the ThinSpin enables it to be used and stored in tight spaces, such as fume hoods or inside cabinets. The unit weighs only 0.3kg, and has a tiny footprint of 175x125x20.5mm. The working platform has a dimension of 110x110mm. The maximum load is 2.0kg.

This small but mighty instrument can mix and stir laboratory liquids, solutions, and media up to 500mL. The top plate of the ThinSpin is water-proof and resistant to most laboratory chemicals.

The ThinSpin has an IP rating of DIN EN 60529. This new instrument includes a two-year warranty.

The preset speed is 15rpm, but speed can be easily adjusted in 15rpm increments. Each time the speed is changed a convenient LED light will flash. For added versatility, the spin direction can be alternated clockwise or counter-clockwise by pressing the reverse key.

Certifications: CE marked.