VortaMix Mini Vortexer, Argos Technologies

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VortaMix Mini Vortexer, Argos Technologies
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The Vortamix Mini Vortexer from Argos Technologies is an unbelievably compact, yet powerful instrument engineered to mix tubes quickly and easily

The standard unit comes with a red rubber gasket cap, but blue, green and purple colored caps are offered separately

Despite its small size and weight, the Vortamix offers an excellent mixing speed of 3,000 rpm.

The vortexing motion is activated by placing a tube on the gasket cap and then pressing down lightly. The innovative design of the gasket cap allows centrifuge and test tubes up to 30 mm in diameter to be mixed with very little effort – including 50mL conical tubes.

Certifications: The Vortamix is CE marked and has and IP rating of DIN EN 60529.

Ordering information: This new instrument comes with a 2 year warranty.