PolarSafe™ Cryogenic Storage Vials with Star Caps, Argos Technologies

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PolarSafe™ Cryogenic Storage Vials with Star Caps, Argos Technologies
Vials Cryogenic Vials
PolarSafe™ cryogenic storage vials provide safe and secure biological sample storage in temperatures as low as -196 °C.

  • Round or self-standing bottoms
  • Externally or internally threaded configurations
  • Linear printed barcodes and a white surface area for specimen identification

Our specially designed cap works perfectly with automatic decapper machines. Multi-colored cap inserts are available to aid in sample identification.

The tubes have are designed for use within a temperature range of -196⁰ to +121⁰C.

PolarSafe™ 2D tubes are the ideal consumable for rapid processing of biological samples. The embedded Datamatix code inserted in the bottom of each tube corresponds to the “Code 128” barcode featured on the body of the tube. They provide time-saving and accurate organization and tracking of valuable samples. Innovative “channels of evacuation” designed between the tube and the 2D chip allows fluid to easily drain.

The PolarSafe polycarbonate storage boxes work in conjunction with the 2D tubes to provide automatic identification of both the box and stored vials. Each features a 2D Datamatrix code on the bottom of the box as well as a laser engraved Code 128 barcode on the side. It is offered in both 81 and 100-well formats. PolarSafe 2D boxes are available in “short” (for 2mL tubes) and “tall” designs (for 5 mL tubes).

The tubes feature an innovative bi-material screw cap that combines polyethylene (PE) with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that eliminates the need for silicone O-rings. Traditional vials have the potential for leakage if the O-ring is improperly inserted, or is damaged due to over-tightening of cap. There are no such worries with a PolarSafe tube! The two material construction of the cap not only provides a super secure seal on the inside of the tube, but also makes for an easy grip on the outside of the cap

Certifications: The PolarSafe family of tubes are manufactured in a class 7 clean room (class 10,000) in accordance with FDA, GMP and ISO quality standards (ISO 13485:2004, ISO 14644 & 14698). They are certified to be DNase, RNase, pyrogen, ATP and human DNA free. PolarSafe vials are certified at 95 kPa to provide a leak proof seal.

Packaging: The tubes are packaged in resealable packs of 50, and are sterilized by gamma radiation.