Drosophila Vials and Bottles, Tradewinds Direct

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Drosophila Vials and Bottles, Tradewinds Direct
Vials Drosophila Vials
Drosophila vials are precision molded from premium grade polystyrene. Drosophila Bottles are autoclavable polypropylene.

  • Pliable top permits easy closure removal
  • Molded graduations in 25 ml increments, up 100 ml

Transparent square-bottom and firm, stiff neck design allow for easier handling.

Drosophila Plugs are high density foam - minimal shedding as well as reduced evaporation. Superior barrier to mite infestation. Stretched yet maintains tight fit after repeated removal and closing. Flat surface accepts marking pen.

Disposable vials are a safe and cost-saving alternative to glass vials.